About us

Vaccarini Farm is a family run business and it comes from many generations of share-crop farmers. At the end of the 1970s our family was able to buy some small plots of land with many sacrifices, but it was in this period that we were able to start our business.
Over the years our farm has grown and we now coltivate about 200 hectares of land (wheat, sunflowers, barley, spelt, chickpeas, sorghum and forage). We also breed Marchigiana cattle (about 30 cows) for the production of meat.

Our Farm

Our farm has made some advancements in the last few years: we’ve started using a millstone to transform our products and a cold press for our oily products.
We have a shop where you can find different types of flour, wheat, legumes, grains, oil for cooking, oil for therapeutic purposes, as well as different types of pasta made with wheat harvested by us.
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